WAGING AHEAD: Alberta needs a raise

Alberta’s workforce is the lifeblood of our economy, contributing to the prosperity of the province. However, the disparity between the cost of living and the wages earned by many workers has widened, placing an increasing strain on families and hindering our ability to meet basic needs.

Members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, (CUPE) want a better future for Alberta workers. In our province, hardworking individuals are the backbone of our communities, yet they face the challenge of stagnant wages that fail to keep pace with the rising cost of living.

Over the last 10 years, inflation in Alberta has run at about 30% combined, but wages have not kept up. Not by a long shot. And with inflation at record levels, our wages continue to fall further behind.

Our campaign is a call to action for better wages that reflect the dedication and hard work of every Alberta worker. By advocating for equitable compensation, we aim to uplift families, fortify communities, and bolster the economic resilience of our province.

Our Mission

  1. A living wage for everyone: Every worker deserves a living wage that ensures not only survival but also the ability to thrive. Our campaign seeks to engage employers, government officials, and the public in a collective effort to establish fair and equitable wages that align with the cost of living in Alberta.
  2. Bargaining gains, not losses: We will not accept rollbacks or wage increases that don’t keep up with the cost of living. We won’t accept two-tied deals: If a wage is not good enough for us now, it’s not good enough for future workers.
  3. Bridging the wage gap: Together, we stand united in closing the wage gap that disproportionately affects marginalized communities. Our campaign is committed to addressing systemic issues that perpetuate income inequality, fostering an inclusive environment where all workers are valued and compensated fairly.
  4. Empowering workers: Knowledge is power, and our campaign is dedicated to empowering workers with information about their rights, advocating for workplace fairness, and supporting collective bargaining initiatives that strengthen the position of employees in negotiating fair wages. We will build capacity through education.
  5. We will work across sectors and with labour allies to present a united front and mobilize workers across the province.

Upcoming Events

May 11 – Waging Ahead Rally in St. Albert

June 21 & 22 – Bargaining Summit in Calgary

Get involved

We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey towards economic justice for Alberta workers. Here’s how you can get involved:

1. Sign up for campaign updates: Use the sign up form on this page to join the Waging Ahead campaign. Get campaign updates and find out about upcoming events. 

2. Spread the Word: Share our campaign across social media platforms, encouraging friends, family, and colleagues to join the conversation. Use the hashtag #FairWagesAB to amplify our collective voice.

3. Attend Events: We are holding town hall meetings and informational sessions across the province where you can connect with like-minded individuals, learn more about the campaign, and engage in discussions about the future of wages in Alberta. Sign up for a town hall in your area on our events page. 

The time for change is now. Together, let’s build a future where every worker in Alberta can thrive, secure in the knowledge that their contributions are valued and justly rewarded. Join the CUPE campaign for fair wages and be a catalyst for positive change in our great province!

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We work for Alberta

We are hard working Albertans from all walks of life. We want to live in a province with good jobs and good services. Like most Albertans we have been falling behind in the last few years. That is why it is time to stand up for all Alberta’s workers and demand fair wages for our work. 

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Waging Ahead is an initiative of CUPE Alberta a division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees.